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The digital world that we live in, enables us to reach  information and  other  resources easily. Besides various online electronical dictionaries and translation programmes, historically valuable rich sources that exist in our libraries, offer a variety to our native language studies.

We , as Tarkmancas family, aimed to make a little contribution to these valuable archives.

How we made our decision?

The ‘Pararpar’ adventure began when Miss. Makruhi Büyükhagopyan, one of the highly esteemed  names of Armenian language studies , handed the TURKISH- ARMENIAN- ENGLISH thematic dictionary prepared by her own experiences, to our Armenian teacher Talin Çortan Garibgün.

With the support of İskender Şahingöz, the Chairman of the Board of Ortaköy Virgin Mary Church, and the Board members and also by the attempts of our school principle Aras Delice we were able to bring our project to life.

Our dictionary was named ‘Pararpar’ by our  Armenian teacher Mari Kalaycı.

We have always had difficulties in finding the Armenian equivalent words  for cities, countries, plants and animal species. For that reason we focused on making a thematic dictionary.

Our dictionary began to grow richer as our Armenian teacher Talin Çortan Garibgün blended her pre-prepared dictionary with it.

Diruhi Berin, the head of our English department, translated the words into English in order to provide its  international usage.

You can also contribute to Pararpar’s adventure and wittness its growth by pressing the “Suggest a Word” button  and  by suggesting a word that doesn’t exist in the dictionary.


Makruhi Büyükhagopyan

Contributions and English translations

Talin Çortan Garibgün

Diruhi Berin

Correction of words

Ani Baronyan

Armine Yazdanoğlu


Talin Çortan Garibgün

Diruhi Berin

Talin Daldabanoğlu Berberyan

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